Loaded Hot Chocolate

Now loaded hot chocolates are a trend that I have no trouble getting on board with! In case you aren’t on instagram, and so haven’t seen these, they’re basically a jenga game of unhealthy foods, balanced on top of a mug (or, if you’re indie, a Kilner jar) of hot chocolate. Although you could well do the same thing with milkshake (summer alternative?), this time of year definitely calls for a hot chocolate! We all know that there’s something particularly cozy about sitting in when it’s cold outside with a mug of hot chocolate and a book/ film. So, why not pile pudding onto that too?

The loaded hot chocolates I’ve made are incredibly easy- there’s no baking involved, just piling on ingredients! I’ve made a Christmas- themed mint one, and plan to make a cherry one too to mix it up a little, but you can vary the ingredients here to suit you. The only essentials are the hot chocolate and the whipped cream! So, stack to your heart’s content! Just remember to take a picture before it all sinks/ falls over…

Loaded Hot Chocolate

Prep time: 5- 10 mins
Cost: Low


Hot chocolate (flavour and brand entirely up to you!)
Whipped cream
Brownie chunks (I can recommend this recipe)
Small festive decorations (I bought some Maltesers Mini Reindeer)
A candy cane
Some sprinkles
Festive straws


1. Make your hot chocolate, either with hot water or milk. For the festive recipe, I would recommend mint hot chocolate.
2. Top the hot chocolate with squirty cream, making sure that you pile it up high!
3. Cut a slice in the bottom of the brownie chunks and slot onto the rim of the glass/ mug. Alternatively, balance them on the cream.
4. Slide in the candy cane, leaving some showing.
5. Balance on your festive decoration (the reindeer in my case), preferably in the middle.
6. Add sprinkles, and a straw if you have one.
7. Serve on a small plate and enjoy!

Handy Hints

Cherry theme- To make a cherry alternative, why not add glace cherries instead of the festive decoration and candy cane?
Boozy hot chocolate- Add a shot of Bailey’s for a more adult hot chocolate!