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Today I was very humbled when I got a notification from Thoughts of My Mad Life saying that I’d been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award which, as far as I know, is an award where bloggers nominate up-and-coming blogs that they follow. So, apparently I’m up-and-coming (ooh err) thanks to Thoughts Of My Mad Life. The rules of the award state that you should post 7 things about yourself and then nominate 10-15 blogs, but I feel like I should be sharing good blogs with my readers all the time, and not just shove a load in a list in a one-off post.
I was grumbling about this to my flatmate, who very wisely suggested I create a page to recommend any blogs I discover to anyone who reads my blog. And so this page was born!
I’ve not put all the blogs I follow on here, as I like to have a feel for the blog’s style so I can give you a little bit of a description on their blog too before I post it on here. So, if I follow you and your blog isn’t here, please don’t be offended!

Baking Blogs:
Cook and Code– a nice blog with some well written recipes.

Hannah Lawren– some great recipes and I love your reviews of cafes or restaurants- nice idea!

Lifestyle Blogs:
CatharineWithanay– funny and relaxed lifestyle blog, I enjoy the posts about writing and baking most although I enjoy reading all of them 🙂 great to read and she wrote an amazing book! How good is that?

Thoughts Of My Mad Life– chatty blog with lifestyle, cooking and the odd crafty/DIY theme. Entertaining and easy-to-read with a great relaxed style- thanks so much for the nomination! (also I greatly admire you for being able to solve a Rubik’s cube!)

A Beautiful Mess– these guys come up with some amazing stuff! It’s a combination of loads of topics from design to recipes to fashion.

Fashion/ Beauty Blogs:
Zoella– A good all-round beauty and fashion blog- I don’t read fashion blogs very often but for the occasional read, I like Zoella or Sprinkle of Glitter:
Sprinkle of Glitter– another good fashion/beauty blog, but also includes some very cute posts about her adorable daughter. (both of these 2 bloggers also have Youtube channels!)

General Blogs:
Jim Chapman– covers a bit of everything- I love Jim’s style and I actually really admire him for being a guy who’s not afraid to talk about fashion, even though I’m not that into fashion myself! He posts great art project posts, and also has a great Youtube channel too.

LingLangBlog– I love this since it’s about English Language and Linguistics (my degree course!) but is accessible and interesting to non-Linguistics students too. Her posts are always a really thought-provoking (and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend from uni!)

The Nectar Collective– a really good motivational blog which is great for if you need that extra boost (to start a bit of work, say…) and has a great outlook on life in general.

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