Maleficent Chocolate Apples

Hi everyone! It’s nearly Halloween- yay! This year I’m using Halloween to combine two of my favourite things- baking and Disney. Because who doesn’t love a bit of Disney? (if you don’t, you’re lying. I don’t believe you.) I feel like Maleficent is a great Halloween character- she’s pretty bad-ass and let’s be honest, she has a pretty dramatic look. This bake is also great for those of you that are students looking for a good Halloween creation, mainly because it’s a way of sneaking some fruit into your diet (I mean these are basically healthy, right?) Maybe give one to a friend who never eats fruit or veg? (is that a trick or a treat??)

The idea for this bake came from a great new Youtube channel I’ve discovered, with a series called ‘Nerdy Nummies‘. If that doesn’t entice you, then it probably isn’t your thing, but it contains great and really easy-to-follow recipes for all sorts of nerdy bakes from Harry Potter to Divergent to Pokemon- I already have loads of them bookmarked in my to-bake list! I’ve changed the recipe quite a lot, using more accessible, and less expensive, ingredients, but by all means have a look at hers here.

Maleficent Chocolate Apples
Preparation Time: 1- 1 1/2 hours

3 Apples
400g Dark (Plain) Chocolate
100g Marshmallows
Rice Crispies
Purple lace sweets*
10g Butter
Icing Sugar
Dash of Milk
Green Food Colouring

Toffee Apple Sticks

1. In a pan, melt the marshmallows on a medium-low heat. Add rice crispies until you have a firm texture of crispies, but not too dry. Transfer the marshmallow-crispies mixture to a brownie tin and flatten out. Leave to cool.
2. Remove the stalks from the apples, then place a toffee apple stick into the top of each one.
3. Break up and melt all but 20g the chocolate. Holding the bowl of melted chocolate at a slight angle, dip each apple into the chocolate and turn until the whole apple is covered. Use a spoon if necessary to cover the top of the apple next to the stick. Place the apples onto a plate and leave to cool.
4. Either using a template, or free-hand, cut the rice crispies mix into the horn shapes, then cover with the melted chocolate. Place on the plate with the apples to cool (put in the fridge to cool more quickly.)
5. Whilst these are cooling, mix the butter, milk and icing sugar (start off with 25g) with a hand mixer to create a thick and creamy texture. Keep adding icing sugar until you have the right consistency (it shouldn’t be runny, but should be spreadable.)
6. Add a few drops of the food colouring and mix in thoroughly (there’s nothing worse than streaky icing!). Keep adding colouring until you reach the desired colour.
7. Once the chocolate has cooled on the components of the apples, wrap the purple lace sweets around the horns (in 2 circles), fastening them at the back using a small amount of buttercream.
8. Melt the leftover 20g of chocolate and use to stick the horns on to the apples.
9. Once the horns are stuck on, spread the butter icing on to one side of the apple in a heart shape- this should come up to about 3/4 the height of the apple.
10. Leave the assembled apples to cool for 5 minutes in the fridge, then enjoy! (or store them in the fridge for later if you can wait that long!)

Handy Hints
* Purple lace sweets- we peeled the purple bit off some rainbow belt sweets, then cut them to the right size. You can also buy blackcurrent laces in some shops, which would work equally as well. Or, make some purple royal icing and pipe thin bands on the horns.
Covering the crispie mix- This is messy! There’s not really a neat way to do this, you just have to dip them in and try not to get chocolate everywhere!
Shaping- If you don’t trust your free-hand cutting, draw a template on paper, cut out and place on top of the crispies, then cut around it.
Sticking the horns to the apples- This requires a bit of a steady hand so try to keep as still as possible. Anchor your hand on the plate so create a more steady frame.


Please excuse the messy plate and very uneven horns (guess which cutting-out technique I used?!)

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