10 New Year’s Resolutions (Baking style)

Happy New Year everyone! As you all know, New Year is a time for making promises of things that, usually, you want to give up or achieve. Though, in principle, I think this is great I have to say that, as I am an excellent procrastinator, making New Year’s Resolutions can be a bit of a stretch. Most of them seem to have accidentally been broken by February, if they even make it that far. However, I love the spirit of it and how enthusiastic people get about them this time of year, so I decided to make some. In order to make it realistic for me, they’re more kind of goals than resolutions (less of the “I won’t do this ever” and more of the “I might have a go at this” style), which some of you may want to adopt too. So now, when people ask me “so, what’s your New Year’s Resolution?” I have an answer instead of awkwardly having to mutter that I don’t have one and facing the shame when they, of course, have an amazingly fulfilling idea. I may not keep them, but I’m a strong believer in setting goals and challenges, so I’ll give it my best shot.

1. Bake more for fun- don’t let baking become a chore. 
I always enjoy baking, but I made this a resolution as I think I tend to make baking a bit of a chore sometimes when it really doesn’t need to be! So, I want to enjoy it more and not do it if the only reason I’m baking is because I feel like I have to.
2. Bake more for family and friends.
For Christmas presents, I made my friends some cookie batter so they could store it in their freezer and have homemade cookies whenever they felt like cooking them. Aside from this being a nice gift (I hope!) I really enjoyed just baking for other people as I think homemade things really show sentiment and I love putting that time and effort into making something for someone else.
3. Challenge yourself- stop being scared!
This one works for life as well as baking, but I think too often that I don’t bake things because I think I’ll mess them up and they won’t look or taste right, but I really do want to challenge myself more.
4. Bake more healthily.
Not all the time, but I think it’d be good (for my body and my teeth) for me to try baking some more healthy options every once in a while.
5. Spend more time on presentation.
When I have the time, I love spending ages making things look amazing, but when I’m at uni I find myself being a bit lazy with presentation. This isn’t always a bad thing, it’s more a case of I know I really enjoy it so why aren’t I doing it?
6. Try some savoury bakes.
Apart from pasties, I hardly ever bake anything that isn’t sweet! Which is crazy considering the amount of baking out there that can be used as meals. Also, they tend to be healthier.
7. Use more Fairtrade ingredients.
It’s probably clear from a lot of my other posts that I’m a big supporter of Fairtrade, so I’d love to commit more to Fairtrade by trying to buy more Fairtrade ingredients when I’m baking. A lot of supermarkets’ own-brand stuff is now Fairtrade, so I have no excuse really.
8. Experiment!
This kind of goes hand-in-hand with number 3, but I would like to invent some of my own recipes and just be a bit creative with my baking this year.
9. Attempt bread.
This may sound ridiculously simple for you bread-lovers out there, and it probably is, but I’ve not made bread since Food Tech in High School, and I’d love to try it again!
10. Bake and Take round a small treat for someone who’s ill/sad/stressed.
This may sound a bit cheesy, but I just think it’d be a really nice thing to do!

I hope you feel a bit inspired by these, and maybe you might want to give one ago, but it’s just some challenges for me that I’d like to try and keep, so shared with you all!


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