New Pages!

Hi everyone!
I’m sorry there’s no recipe this week, but I’ve been busy making some new pages to add to my blog and then figuring out how to make a navigation menu so all you lovely people can get around the site more easily. I’ve added two new pages, alongside the ‘About me’ page. The first is a ‘Cookbooks’ page, which has a list of the cookbooks I’ve taken recipes from to post on this page, and which I use on a regular basis. I plan to add more as my blog progresses, so it’s definitely worth checking the page and looking at some of the great books on there.
The second page, ‘Other Bloggers’, is a page I created to promote other bloggers who have blogs I love to read! I had the idea yesterday- the reason I wrote it is explained on the page. As I’m quite new to blogging, there aren’t too many on there, and not all the blogs I read are included in the lists, so don’t think that if I follow you and you aren’t on there that I don’t like your blog- I do! I want to post blogs on there that I’ve been reading for a while and that I have a good idea of the style of. If you have any suggestions of great blogs that I haven’t come across yet, please let me know by commenting!
You can check out these pages using the navigation buttons on the left side, below my username picture. The ‘Home’ button will take you back to the page with all my blog posts on it; the ‘About me’ button will take you to a page with a brief bit about me on it; the ‘Cookbooks’ button will to take you to my list of books; and the ‘Other Bloggers’ button to the page mentioned above. Please go and explore and enjoy the new pages! Let me know what you think 🙂

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