The easiest bake ever- Toffee Marshmallow Crispies

Before I start this post properly I just want to say I’m sorry this post is a little bit late- I moved back to uni a week ago today so I’ve been catching up with my flatmates sorting all my uni stuff out! It’s great to be back, despite the 9am start I had today, and it’s great to be blogging about student baking when I’m actually back at uni! I’m on campus again this year so the other night we decided to go and play pool in the bar and then have a film night so I suggested that we bake something to eat while we watch the film, because obviously snacking is an essential part of any film night. So, having just got back we needed something we could buy the ingredients for in the Spar on campus, which although has a good stock of general stuff doesn’t have that much for baking. I had the idea to bake something that I used to make when I was little, which is toffee marshmallow crispy cakes! They’re so easy to bake and only have 3 ingredients, so we decided to pop to Spar and see if we could find them. We did have to improvise a bit on ingredients (a big part of student baking if, like me, you’re not very good at planning ahead), so I’ll put in the recipe what you need to get, then explain what we used instead.

Since this recipe is so easy, and because I have flatmates whose phones have good cameras, I’ve decided to try a new kind of post to present my recipe. I took a picture of each key stage of the bake, so I’m going to put the pictures alongside the steps of the recipe as a kind of visual aid. Let me know if you like this method and if you think it works better then my usual posts; if you prefer just a written recipe with a picture of the finished bake at the end; or if you’re indifferent.

Toffee Marshmallow Crispies:
Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Baking Time: 5-10 minutes
Price: £3.20

150g Marshmallows
150g Toffee Sweets
Rice Crispies
A bit of Butter or Oil
200g Chocolate for topping (optional)
Sweets for topping (optional)


1. Unwrap all the toffee sweets and put in a pan with a little bit of butter or oil.

10588821_10152336616260423_1256786914_n2. Keep the pan on a moderate to high heat (I used number 4 on our hob, so not too hot but not simmering either) and wait for the toffees to melt to a thick liquid consistency. Then, add the marshmallows.


3. Stir in the marshmallows and keep stirring until the toffees and marshmallows are all combined and melted.


(the mixture should look, at this stage, should look more like the melted toffees on their own, and should have a stringy, sticky consistency:)


4. Take the pan off the heat. Then, add as many rice crispies as you like, depending on whether you want more dry kind of slices, or more sticky toffee-like crispy cakes.


5. Stir to combine the rice crispies and the toffee marshmallow mixture. You know you’ve got the right consistency when it’s hard work to stir the ingredients together! You’ll want to give up at this point but power through- they turn out nice in the end! When they’re all combined, spoon them into whatever container you have (I just used a brownie tin).

6. Leave to cool in the container. While cooling, melt the chocolate in the microwave. When cooled, spread the melted chocolate on the top as much as you can.


7. If you’re using sweets to decorate (I cut up fudge sweets into little pieces as a topping), scatter them on the chocolate before it melts.


8. Fridge for a bit, or cut up immediately and serve!


Handy Hints:

Toffee sweets- We couldn’t find any toffees so we used Cadburys Eclairs. I think pure toffees work better but feel free to experiment a bit- as long as they’re sticky they’ll hold it together.
Stirring- The toffee and marshmallow mixture needs to be constantly stirred or it will stick to the bottom of the pan and be a nightmare to clean off!
Cooling- Don’t keep these in the fridge for too long or they will go really crunchy and are hard to eat!

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