Millionaire’s Cheesecake

Hi everyone! I realise I only posted something a few days ago but I’m on holiday this next week, so I’m posting next week’s post now. It’s inspired by a family favourite in my house- millionaire’s shortbread. The twist is that it’s fused with another favourite of mine- cheesecake! I am however, a bit nervous about posting this as it’s actually a recipe I’ve made up… So, here goes…

This recipe is one I’ve invented (ooh err) so I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if it’s not perfect but it’s a first try at properly making up my own recipe- I welcome any comments and it’d be great if you bake it and give me any feedback. The quantities fill my 18cm diameter springform tin so it serves about 10 people, depending on how bigger slices you have! This recipe doesn’t have a price, as it’s probably quite expensive for students, but if you’d like me to add a price I can, let me know in the comments.

For the Base:
200g Shortbread Biscuits
75g Butter, melted
40-50g Caster Sugar*
For the Cheesecake:
1 x 397g can Condensed Milk Caramel**
300g Cream Cheese
200ml Double Cream
For the Chocolate Topping:
100g Dark Chocolate
125ml Double Cream

1. Crush the shortbread into crumbs, then add the melted butter and sugar. Mix until combined.
2. Press the mixture into the tin using the back of a spoon then when there’s an even layer, chill in the fridge until needed.
3. Tip the caramel into a bowl and put in the microwave to melt slightly. This doesn’t need to be for long, just to soften a little.
4. Set aside 100-175g of the caramel for later. Spread the rest over the base and cool.
5. Beat the cream cheese and reserved caramel together in a large bowl.
6. Whisk the cream to soft peaks and fold into the cream cheese mixture. Spoon onto the biscuit and caramel base and put in the fridge to set.
7. Melt the dark chocolate then stir in the double cream until smooth. Make sure the cheesecake is set fully, then pour over the cheesecake. Fridge the assembled cheesecake to set.

Handy Hints:
*Caster Sugar- This isn’t a precise measure as it depends how sweet you like your biscuit base. I think I added 45g, a nice medium!
**Caramel- You could make caramel instead from scratch, or you can make caramel from condensed milk by boiling it in the tin, unopened, for an hour and a half. I did this and it worked fine! A nice and simple recipe for making your own caramel sauce (which does taste nicer) can be found here.
Chocolate topping- the cheesecake takes quite a long time to set properly (well I say a long time, I’m very impatient!) but make sure the cheesecake is fully set before you spread the chocolate- it will wobble slightly but should be firm enough to hold the chocolate.
Adding the chocolate mixture- If, by the time the cheesecake has set, the chocolate topping is a little thick, put it in the microwave for a few seconds to melt it slightly. This means it will be more runny and will spread better, as you need to be very gentle when spreading it or the cheesecake will dent.

Millionaire's cheesecake (1)



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