The Student Bakery

Hello fellow bakers!

The idea for this blog came about because of two problems in any student’s life: laziness and money. If you’re a student, you know what I mean- the choice between a nice meal and a drink or two when you’re out. And the only reason you get out of bed on a Saturday is because you need food. These problems apply to pretty much all aspects of student life, but for me they’re a pain when it comes to one of my favourite hobbies- baking. Like most students, I’ve become accustomed to measuring what I spend my money on depending on how many times I’m going out in the next few weeks, what outfits I might need and any meals out or takeaways I may be having. Therefore, saving extra money alongside all this for baking seems a stretch, especially due to the discovery I’ve made since I became a student.

This discovery is that baking is surprisingly expensive! And you need so much stuff to bake! Back in the days of living at home where I didn’t have to pay for food and I had a dishwasher (don’t you miss those?!) I didn’t have to worry about this sort of thing. I’d pick a recipe, find the ingredients in one of the many cupboards in our kitchen, get out what I needed, put some music on and dance around the kitchen as I leisurely baked whatever I felt like. At uni, I discovered that I had none of the ingredients I needed, that I had to wash up all the pots I used and that if you dance around a shared kitchen, people tend to assume you’re a bit weird. And I didn’t even have a mixing bowl. Fortunately, I took a trip to Ikea in the Christmas holidays and bought some of the things I needed so I did bake a bit more the rest of the year. In summer, I started thinking about baking as a student, and the sacrifices student bakers have to make (money, having to wash up etc.) and what I could do to solve these. That’s when I had the idea for this blog, and although it’s taken me a bit longer to actually get round to it than I’d imagined (the laziness strikes again), here it is! I plan to post recipes and write short and helpful posts for all you fellow student bakers, or any bakers that would benefit from cheap recipes every once in a while. For each recipe I’ll write the total cost of the bake first and how long it takes (with or without dancing, depending on where I’m baking), therefore hopefully solving some of the problems being a student creates. I hope that this will be useful to some of you, or maybe even just inspire you to get out of bed on a Sunday and bake something. Even if only a few people find this inspiring it gives me an excuse to bake more, which can’t be a bad thing (especially for my flatmates). Enjoy, and please feel free to leave me any feedback or comments on my recipes or posts. Recipes will follow soon!

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